Notre Dame-City Says Yes To Stadium

Minds Made Up Already The Permit Development Board has approved Notre Dame's application for McCarthy Stadium. The Board accepted the staff report without changes - only suggesting the school try to use the best materials for the new artificial turf field. There was a good turnout to the Board meeting - extra chairs needed to … Continue reading Notre Dame-City Says Yes To Stadium


City Report Confirms School Will Rent McCarthy Stadium And Recommends Approval of the Development Application In their report to the Development Permit Board, City staff recommend it approve Notre Dame’s application for a destination sports facility. This includes allowing the private school to rent the stadium to sports organizations and other groups. Notre Dame Neighbours … Continue reading McCARTHY STADIUM WILL BE RENTED

School Fields Fuel Conflict in Ontario

Ottawa & Toronto Hold Lessons for Our Neighbourhood Sports facilities at two Ontario schools should raise red flags for Notre Dame’s neighbours and Vancouver City Council. Residents who live near these facilities are complaining of high levels of noise and increased traffic and of once peaceful neighbourhoods becoming unpleasant places to live. There have been … Continue reading School Fields Fuel Conflict in Ontario

Notre Dame Story In Straight

Georgia Straight reporter Carlito Pablo has written about McCarthy Stadium in a piece titled "East Vancouver residents hit “flawed” city hall process for proposed Notre Dame school stadium." You can read it here. We're looking forward to reading more, as the Straight was not able to get any information from the City or the school: … Continue reading Notre Dame Story In Straight

No Bleachers at Notre Dame: City Letter 2006

A 2006 letter from a key City of Vancouver staff member proves that bleachers were never part of Notre Dame’s original permit. It also confirms that building McCarthy Stadium must involve a completely new permit application. The letter, written by then Project Facilitator, Scott Barker, was recently discovered in a file folder when a local … Continue reading No Bleachers at Notre Dame: City Letter 2006

City Admits McCarthy Stadium Was Never a Minor Amendment

A MISTAKE WAS MADE The City of Vancouver now admits that they made a mistake in considering Notre Dame’s plan for McCarthy Stadium as simply a “minor amendment”. The mistake was first acknowledged at the Notre Dame Open House on Wednesday evening by the City’s Project Facilitator, Andrew Wroblewski. It was then confirmed in an … Continue reading City Admits McCarthy Stadium Was Never a Minor Amendment

Big Changes. Not A “Minor Amendment”

Why is the City of Vancouver considering the construction of a massive concrete structure in a residential neighbourhood to be a “Minor Amendment” to a previously approved development application? The original application did not include a large, sunken, concrete structure with the capacity for 700+ people and an artificial turf field. Shouldn’t the construction of … Continue reading Big Changes. Not A “Minor Amendment”