Hey Buddy, Can You Spare $10.8 Million?

School Fundraising Campaign -“Welcome Home”

The Notre Dame Alumni Association, a registered charity, has started a new campaign to raise $10.8 million to finish paying for the school’s redevelopment. The association’s website says the total cost of the project, including the buildings, the new field and parking lot is $35 million, with $24.2 million raised so far. Of that, to get the project started, $22 million came from the Archdiocese of Vancouver and other sources. A 2014 campaign “Proud of the Past-Building the Future” was supposed to bring in $7 million. It looks like they’ve raised $2.2 million over seven years to reach their current $24.2 million.

As part of the new Welcome Home campaign, you can donate $1000 to sponsor a seat in the bleachers along the south side of the field. There are 738.

You can also sponsor a football field line. Each yard line goes for $195.30 (1953 is the year the school was founded). They’re also looking for sponsors for the end zones (minimum $5K each) and the centre field ND logo (minimum $25K). All donations are tax deductible.

What does a football field go for these days?

It would be interesting to know how much the new field and parking lot are costing the school community. Previously Notre Dame said the buildings alone would be $29 million. If that number is still correct, and they need $35 million for the entire project, the field and parking lot could be worth $6 million.

If all the seats, field lines, end zones and centre field donations are “sold”, there will still be a sizeable financial hill to climb to reach the needed $10.8 million. If anyone in the school community knows how this money will be raised, please reply in the comments below, or send an email to notredameneighbours@gmail.com.

Notre Dame Construction Update

After a few quiet weekends in January, Saturday work will begin again at Notre Dame. The City of Vancouver has approved work on February 20th, March 6th and March 20th. In a letter on the school’s website, Wilco, their construction company, hopes the Saturday work will “minimize disruption to the students and staff” and “reduce the amount of work that is being done during school hours”. They also estimate they’ll be done by the end of March, although that doesn’t include laying the turf for the field. That depends on the weather and may not be done until April or May.

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