Big Changes. Not A “Minor Amendment”

Why is the City of Vancouver considering the construction of a massive concrete structure in a residential neighbourhood to be a “Minor Amendment” to a previously approved development application? The original application did not include a large, sunken, concrete structure with the capacity for 700+ people and an artificial turf field. Shouldn’t the construction of … Continue reading Big Changes. Not A “Minor Amendment”

Biased Traffic Study Not Good Enough

Open Letter to the City of Vancouver Thank-you for forwarding the new information regarding the updated traffic study and tree assessment. Some comments on the traffic study: The introductory sentence says it all – “As requested, Bunt & Associates (Bunt) has prepared this letter report to support the construction of a new playfield, spectator seating … Continue reading Biased Traffic Study Not Good Enough

Another Letter to City Hall

This wonderful letter to City Hall was written by Sarah Groves who is both an environmental scientist and artist. 04 December 2018 Dear Mayor & Councillors: Re: Request for development permit amendment at Notre Dame School and environmental stewardship Although environmental issues did not feature prominently in the October election, environmental stewardship is the backbone … Continue reading Another Letter to City Hall