Notre Dame Student Has a Better Plan for Campus

Student Life Centre Proposed

“The Observer” is the new student newspaper at Notre Dame Regional Secondary. The front page of the latest issue (November), features a story noting neighbourhood objections to McCarthy Stadium while proposing an alternative vision for the school’s longstanding “dirt hill”.

The writer argues for a more inclusive “state of the art student life centre, where all students are able to dive deeply into their passions.” Instead of an artificial turf sports field, the Student Life Centre would have: “classrooms, a small activity field, an amphitheater, an agricultural area, an outdoor lounge cafeteria and, of course, WIFI.”

We can only hope that the Notre Dame community listens to this argument for a more student-centred & ecologically sensitive facility and abandons the environmentally toxic McCarthy Stadium. Notre Dame Neighbours have always been in favour of a grass practice field for the school. A Student Life Centre includes that active outdoor space and other much-needed student amenities, avoids the traffic generated by a stadium and has the added benefit of preserving the Kaslo Lombardy poplars. Go Student Life Centre!

Here is a link to the November issue of The Observer

Bluebirds enjoying the view from Notre Dame’s “dirt hill”



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