Decision Day – 10 June 2019

The Notre Dame stadium development application will be decided by Vancouver’s Development Permit Board on June 10, 2019 at 3:00 pm.

Despite our repeated requests for direct involvement, the Mayor and Council are leaving the decision to the group of senior staff members who sit on the Development Permit Board.

This is not what we asked Council for and, once again, we’re being given precious little notice to attend a meeting at an inconvenient time. However, it’s vital that we take up the opportunity.


CityCard-DPB-10 June-2019
City Notification Card – 22 May 2019

As this may be our only chance to make our case directly to the decision makers, we’re hoping many of you will register to speak. If you wish to do so, you must register very soon with the Development Permit Board Assistant Kathy Cermeno. You can call her at 604-873-7770 or contact her by email at

Written submissions are also accepted. Please email Kathy Cermeno or send a letter to her attention at City Hall​, ​453 West 12th Ave​.​Vancouver, BC​ ​V5Y 1V4.

You can find our more about the Vancouver Development Permit Board at

Notre Dame Neighbours have had to push against strong headwinds from Notre Dame school and City staff at every step of this process. We’ve been accused of spreading misinformation when in fact, everything we’ve written about McCarthy Stadium is correct. We’ve proven that Notre Dame’s original 2008 permit was for a grass practice field that did not include bleachers, built in a way that retains the Kaslo poplar trees.

Thanks to your petition and letters, we have a chance to address our concerns directly to the decision makers on the Development Permit Board.

Send in your email and/or letter opposing McCarthy Stadium to the Development Permit board this week.

If you wish to speak, contact Kathy Cermeno. You can also get in touch with Andrew Wroblewski. His number is on the card.

And, make every effort to attend this meeting. It begins at 3:00 pm on Monday June 10th, in the Town Hall Meeting Room at Vancouver City Hall.

If you are not comfortable speaking in public, please come to support those who are speaking and let the Board members see your support.

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