Clinton Park Day

The old field house at Clinton Park is getting a new lease on life with the help of Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. Come to the party! Notre Dame Neighbours will be there, along with the Clinton Neighbourhood Committee. Stop by our tents to say hello. We’ll have flyers, petitions and information boards.

Activities for Clinton Park Day include: 
Music: The Gram Partisans 11:30-12:00; Norine Braun 12:​30-​1:​00​, neighbourhood music jam ​1:30 (bring your instruments) 
Sharing your ideas for programming at the Clinton Park Field House with Co-design Artists [Noon to 2:00 in the Field House] 
Kid’s Games, Face Painting 
Learn about Mason Bees, Pruning and Garden Tips 

Clinton Park Day
Sunday, 10 March 2019
11:00 – 3:00 pm
Rain or Shine

For more information about the Clinton Neighbourhood Committee and their work to keep Clinton Park open for all, contact them at: 
You can learn about Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House here
See you next Sunday!

Notre Dame Stadium Timeline


Click here to see a larger PDF version of this diagram with links to related documents

How the Notre Dame sports field went from a grass practice field to the much more extensive McCarthy Stadium is complicated. The diagram above provides a simple way to understand what happened.

Several things become clear, including the fact that in March 2006 the school withdrew its plan for a stadium and told residents that, if they did eventually decide to revisit the idea, they would apply for a new permit. They have not done this. Instead they are asking for a minor amendment, a process that doesn’t allow for proper public consultation and input.

The City of Vancouver’s  Urban Design Panel did not discuss the field as it was removed from consideration (as promised by Notre Dame) in April 2006.

Another critical point is that the stadium and its potential impacts on traffic safety, parking and quality of life for the community have NEVER been studied. The existing Transport Management Plan was written over 12 years ago and assumes the installation of a grass practice field. A practice field brings minimal extra traffic, whereas a field for games becomes a destination with a far greater impact on the local area.

The series of events outlined in the diagram shows the need for a NEW BUILDING PERMIT PROCESS to look at all aspects of the proposed stadium and the effect it would have on our community.