Notre Dame To Fix Safety Issues

Notre Dame will play closer attention to public safety when work continues on McCarthy Stadium this week. After concerns were raised last week by Notre Dame Neighbours, the school is working with the City of Vancouver to avoid a repeat of the problems that plagued the start of their construction project.

Pat Waslen, a long-time member of the Notre Dame building committee, emailed us with the following:

Thank you for your note regarding the falling of the trees, on our property.
All your concerns were passed on  to our contractor Wilco.
The following procedures will be put in place prior to any further falling of trees on
the school property:

  • The COV will post no parking signage on Kaslo street.
  • Sidewalks along the property on Kaslo and Parker streets will be blocked off.
  • Traffic control personnel will be onsite to assist with vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • The school will post on our website notification of tree removal the day before it is scheduled to take place.

The school also announced plans to begin excavation work later this week. The Kaslo Street entrance will close soon and construction access will be from Parker Street, near the school’s south entrance. Notre Dame expects this will direct construction traffic onto Renfrew Street and not into our neighbourhood.

The remaining Kaslo poplars may come down this week, as the biologist is supposed to return on June 23rd to assess the situation of the nesting birds. Our request for the report to be made public is still being ignored.

We join the Wild Bird Trust of BC in asking that no further tree work be done until the public has been given a chance to review the biologist’s report.

The first meeting of Notre Dame school’s good neighbour committee is this Thursday, 25th June at 7:30 pm via Zoom. If you would like more information on the committee, join the school’s mailing list: If you want to be part of the committee and take part in the meeting, let them know.

You can contact us below or by email at

2 thoughts on “Notre Dame To Fix Safety Issues

    1. Hi Ed,
      Sorry for the delay in responding. We just received an answer to that question a few days ago. The work stopped because the school needed to find a new location to dump the soil they are excavating. The original dump location couldn’t be used any longer and it took two weeks to arrange for a new dump site.
      Thanks for getting in touch.


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