School Reaction to Local Concern

The day after the flyer was circulated, linking to Notre Dame’s press release about the planned Stadium, the school removed that page from their web site.

Apparently they did not want us to keep this press release, written in 2017 and on their web site until Sept 21, 2018:

(Note the wording stating that this is “not simply a sports field” and the estimated viewing capacity of up to 2,000 people.)

Juggler Field web site Sept 2108

On Sept 28, the school published the revised page below, making an effort to make the project seem less ambitious.

Note that it says “minor amendments were made limiting seating to only hold the present school population of 740.” The last permit for this project, granted in 2008, had NO seating, so it’s hardly accurate to call seating for 740 a “limitation.”

The fact that there will be no artificial lighting is mentioned. Artificial lighting was in the original plan in 2004 and we have no way to know that the City will not grant another “minor amendment” in the future to allow lights.

In the last paragraph, mention is made of working “with neighbourhood groups seeking access” to the stadium.

Is this an offer to allow neighbours to run laps on the field? Will they loan it to the local Tai Chi group?

Or is this actually a way of saying the school will be renting the facility out for non-Notre Dame sports and other events?

Juggler Field Sept 28-18

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